Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello everyone! I do not have any specific job information, but I feel that I have some information to share that will help in any profession. I'll just begin & we'll see where we end up. I recently celebrated my third year anniversary for a career I never thought I'd pursue! The process alone to obtain it is reason enough to change one's mind! The mental, physical, emotional, spiritual & financial stress that comes along with these responsibilities can be quite overwhelming! I know for a fact this is not something I would've done on my own. I know this was God's doing & I gladly surrendered! Had I gone off of the fact that this is not something I ever wanted to do, I wouldn't be in this place of fulfillment, contentment & purpose right now. None of this is to bring attention to myself, it's to bring attention to the almighty power of God! Preparation for this career was not easy, but it was worth it! Completion of a four month power packed training left me with a great feeling of accomplishment! For the first time in a long time, in the most humble way possible, I felt proud of myself! All of my family were proud of me as well & their support was paramount in my success! It was hard, but doable! Quitting was not an option! As time goes on, I've seen a lot of people come & go. Unfortunately, I've also seen them come back! I take time to listen to individuals & I ask questions that will hopefully make them think of their future. I never condescend, belittle or judge anyone-I simply follow THE LEADER! I listen to Holy Spirit's prompts & go with whatever I feel led to say & do. If it weren't for God's love & the compassion of Jesus Christ down on the inside of me, I would not be a good fit for this position. It's important to know yourself, but it's even more important to know God. I worked several jobs before getting this really great career. What is meant for you to have, you shall have! I am fulfilled at the end of each day knowing that someone's mind & heart is a little lighter & someone's future looks a bit brighter all because of the hope Jesus gives! I love my new assignment! Not because I get paid & not because my benefits are good, but because I get to help people! I want to represent my Father, God, in the best way possible! I want everyone I meet to have a better glimpse of HIM! This can be practiced in any profession & all walks of life, but for now I'm so glad God chose this profession for me! I'm forever grateful! I don't even feel like I am going to work when I go...I see it more as a ministry! Feels like I'm counseling lost souls & encouraging those who have stumbled along the way. Sometimes, something as minute as a hello, a smile or shared laughter does wonders for those in the midst of it. It's a perfect reminder that we're all human & have fallen short of God's glory & yet He still loves us! He still takes time to correct us & He helps us as we suffer the consequences of our wrong! Whether we work at a restaurant, Corporate America, the local post office, a hospital, a salon, a jail, a church, own your own business or volunteer at a homeless shelter or food pantry, we can all make a difference in someone else's life! We just need to be willing! Those that are unemployed are really at an advantage. You get to tune in & see what God would have you do next! Live a life full of purpose! Ask God today what He wants you to do! He put us all on this Earth for a reason, ask Him what that reason is then walk in it! There is no better feeling, no greater purpose than that of our Father! Don't ever worry about your purpose being too much for you to handle! Where God gives you the vision for it He will also give you provisions to carry it out! Believe & simply trust Him! It's the most amazingly peaceful feeling this side of creation! In closing, for as great as my job is, I know for a fact that it is merely one of the resources God is using to provide for me to help His Kingdom, provide for my family & help those who may be less fortunate than I. Even when I was not employed by a company, I was employed by God~placed on assignment to deposit & teach as well as receive & learn! It's all in the way you choose to look at it. This is my view from me to you. Hope it helps! I bid you God's Speed in your future endeavors! *SMILE* you never know who's watching! :) Whatever you love enough to do for free is the very thing that will make you rich, in more ways than one! ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR PASSION!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Greetings! It has been forever & a day since my last post! I have not done any work at home gigs this year, but I have family members who are making a great living at home! One of my kin folk in particular has 5 children, but she was able to resign from her outside job with her work from home job. It's working for her so I thought I'd share it with all of you. Hope it helps! The name of the website she used to find her online job is & they have different projects! Holiday help is needed everywhere so also check out its a great site for work at home moms (& dads)! I bid you all God's Speed! Take care & be well! :) Whatever you love enough to do for free is the very thing that will make you rich, in more ways than one! ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR PASSION!

Monday, January 10, 2011

HAPPY 2011!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! It's been a while since my last entry! A lot of gr8 things have been going on! I just wanted to drop in & encourage you all to keep dreaming, keep thinking, keep growing, keep pursuing, because all it takes is ONE good idea...some of us are blessed with several gr8 ideas, so WRITE IT & MAKE IT HAPPEN, then BOOM!!! WATCH YOUR BEST EFFORTS LAND YOU SUCCESS!
Dun dun na dun! MOMPRENEUR is at it again! In addition to living my dreams with my eyes wide open, I've been aiding my children in their entrepreneurial gifts! I'm so blessed, these children have gr8 ideas & they are not lazy so that helps a whole lot! I always joke around & say "these kids are gonna make me some real money", but I never meant it as a joke, I DECREE & DECLARE THEY WILL BE SUCCESSFUL & EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH WILL PROSPER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

In addition to all of our individual goals & creativity, we've started a family business & we are super excited! There was no arguing, no bickering, just good ol' fashioned working together & having fun! GOD allowed me to see an opportunity, the market & need is definitely there, HE LED ME WHEN TO MOVE ON IT, I OBEYED & made the investment & BOOM! From the youngest to the oldest, they ran with it! I will keep you updated as to how things are going with that! I will cherish this moment of unity always! No matter how much money they make, this moment of togetherness is PRICELESS!!! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! :)

Whatever you love enough to do for free is the very thing that will make you rich, in more ways than one! ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR PASSION!